1.9- Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12

Like all vitamins in the B group, Vitamin B12 plays a major role in supporting the body’s metabolic processes. It also helps to maintain healthy hair and prevent hair loss. Vitamin B12 is found in many high-quality dietary supplements such as Frummi and of course also occurs naturally in a variety of foods.


Vitamin B12 is an umbrella term for different compounds which all have an identical basic substance. These are known as cobalamines and are found in all living organisms.

Vitamin B12 is regarded as the most important coenzyme in the group and performs various roles in the body.

Unlike other vitamins from the B group, B12 can be stored in the body and is not immediately broken down. It is the only vitamin from its group that can be stored in large quantities in the human liver, but it cannot be produced independently by the body.

The recommended daily dose for Vitamin B12 is approximately three micrograms for adults, but varies according to gender, age and life circumstances.


Vitamin B12 has a long history dating back to the 1920s, when American pathologist George Whipple tried to find out which active substances were present in raw liver, which was used to cure fatal anaemia in dogs.

In 1926, two American doctors, Murphy and Minot, discovered an anti-pernicious factor that also had an effect on humans. In 1934, they and Whipple were awarded a Nobel Prize for their work. The factor was vitamin B12, which was isolated for the first time in 1948.

This was done by a British team of researchers led by chemist Lester Smith and a group of biochemists led by American Karl Volkers. The molecular structure of vitamin B12 was subsequently discovered by X-ray diffraction in 1955, for which biochemist Dorothy Hodgkin was awarded a Nobel Prize in 1994.

In 1972, this resulted in the total synthesis of vitamin B12, which is why this vitamin is known to this day as the largest possible molecule that can occur in totally synthesised substances.


Many foods contain Vitamin B12, but most of them are of animal origin. That is why vegetarians and vegans are often deficient in this valuable vitamin. Some of the most popular sources are:

Only sauerkraut, ginger or soy sauce can be used as vegan alternatives. However dietary supplements containing B12, such as Frummi, are also available to help prevent deficiency.


Vitamin B12 is primarily responsible for numerous metabolic processes, but it also has other functions. These include:

It is important to keep your Vitamin B12 levels topped up. Symptoms of deficiency include anaemia, fatigue, a slight tingling sensation, burning tongue, numbness or pale skin.

Deficiency is usually a result of following a vegan diet or of intestinal disorders, such as gastritis, or other conditions. Also at risk of B12 deficiency are patients taking medication to reduce gastric acid.

It is virtually impossible to overdose on B12, as the body simply absorbs what it needs and excretes any excess.


Like all other vitamins in the B group, B12 is important for healthy hair. It is closely linked to biotin and helps to prevent hair loss and strengthen roots.

It is combined with the other vitamins contained in Frummi to create an efficient dietary supplement, helping you build healthy hair from the inside out.


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